Replication-client Reward Auto-delegation

The ability for Solana network participant’s to earn rewards by providing storage service is a unique on-boarding path that requires little hardware overhead and minimal upfront capital. It offers an avenue for individuals with extra-storage space on their home laptops or PCs to contribute to the security of the network and become integrated into the Solana economy.

To enhance this on-boarding ramp and facilitate further participation and investment in the Solana economy, replication-clients have the opportunity to auto-delegate their rewards to validation-clients of their choice. Much like the automatic reinvestment of stock dividends, in this scenario, a replicator-client can earn Solana tokens by providing some storage capacity to the network (i.e. via submitting valid PoReps), have the protocol-based rewards automatically assigned as delegation to a staked validator node and therefore earning interest in the validation-client reward pool.