Factory class for transactions to interact with the Vote program


programId: PublicKey = ...

Public key that identifies the Vote program

space: number = 3762

Max space of a Vote account

This is generated from the solana-vote-program VoteState struct as VoteState::size_of(): https://docs.rs/solana-vote-program/1.9.5/solana_vote_program/vote_state/struct.VoteState.html#method.size_of

KEEP IN SYNC WITH VoteState::size_of() in https://github.com/solana-labs/solana/blob/a474cb24b9238f5edcc982f65c0b37d4a1046f7e/sdk/program/src/vote/state/mod.rs#L340-L342


  • Generate a transaction to withdraw safely from a Vote account.

    This function was created as a safeguard for vote accounts running validators, safeWithdraw checks that the withdraw amount will not exceed the specified balance while leaving enough left to cover rent. If you wish to close the vote account by withdrawing the full amount, call the withdraw method directly.


    Returns Transaction