Type alias ConnectionConfig

ConnectionConfig: {
    commitment?: Commitment;
    confirmTransactionInitialTimeout?: number;
    disableRetryOnRateLimit?: boolean;
    fetch?: FetchFn;
    fetchMiddleware?: FetchMiddleware;
    httpAgent?: NodeHttpAgent | NodeHttpsAgent | false;
    httpHeaders?: HttpHeaders;
    wsEndpoint?: string;

Configuration for instantiating a Connection

Type declaration

  • Optional commitment?: Commitment

    Optional commitment level

  • Optional confirmTransactionInitialTimeout?: number

    time to allow for the server to initially process a transaction (in milliseconds)

  • Optional disableRetryOnRateLimit?: boolean

    Optional Disable retrying calls when server responds with HTTP 429 (Too Many Requests)

  • Optional fetch?: FetchFn

    Optional custom fetch function

  • Optional fetchMiddleware?: FetchMiddleware

    Optional fetch middleware callback

  • Optional httpAgent?: NodeHttpAgent | NodeHttpsAgent | false

    An http.Agent that will be used to manage socket connections (eg. to implement connection persistence). Set this to false to create a connection that uses no agent. This applies to Node environments only.

  • Optional httpHeaders?: HttpHeaders

    Optional HTTP headers object

  • Optional wsEndpoint?: string

    Optional endpoint URL to the fullnode JSON RPC PubSub WebSocket Endpoint

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