Type alias GetProgramAccountsConfig

GetProgramAccountsConfig: {
    commitment?: Commitment;
    dataSlice?: DataSlice;
    encoding?: "base64";
    filters?: GetProgramAccountsFilter[];
    minContextSlot?: number;
    withContext?: boolean;

Configuration object for getProgramAccounts requests

Type declaration

  • Optional commitment?: Commitment

    Optional commitment level

  • Optional dataSlice?: DataSlice

    Optional data slice to limit the returned account data

  • Optional encoding?: "base64"

    Optional encoding for account data (default base64) To use "jsonParsed" encoding, please refer to getParsedProgramAccounts in connection.ts

  • Optional filters?: GetProgramAccountsFilter[]

    Optional array of filters to apply to accounts

  • Optional minContextSlot?: number

    The minimum slot that the request can be evaluated at

  • Optional withContext?: boolean

    wrap the result in an RpcResponse JSON object