Type alias GetVersionedBlockConfig

GetVersionedBlockConfig: {
    commitment?: Finality;
    maxSupportedTransactionVersion?: number;
    rewards?: boolean;
    transactionDetails?: "accounts" | "full" | "none" | "signatures";

Configuration object for changing getBlock query behavior

Type declaration

  • Optional commitment?: Finality

    The level of finality desired

  • Optional maxSupportedTransactionVersion?: number

    The max transaction version to return in responses. If the requested transaction is a higher version, an error will be returned

  • Optional rewards?: boolean

    Whether to populate the rewards array. If parameter not provided, the default includes rewards.

  • Optional transactionDetails?: "accounts" | "full" | "none" | "signatures"

    Level of transaction detail to return, either "full", "accounts", "signatures", or "none". If parameter not provided, the default detail level is "full". If "accounts" are requested, transaction details only include signatures and an annotated list of accounts in each transaction. Transaction metadata is limited to only: fee, err, pre_balances, post_balances, pre_token_balances, and post_token_balances.

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