Type alias VoteAccountInfo

VoteAccountInfo: {
    activatedStake: number;
    commission: number;
    epochCredits: [number, number, number][];
    epochVoteAccount: boolean;
    lastVote: number;
    nodePubkey: string;
    votePubkey: string;

Information describing a vote account

Type declaration

  • activatedStake: number

    The stake, in lamports, delegated to this vote account and activated

  • commission: number

    A percentage (0-100) of rewards payout owed to the voter

  • epochCredits: [number, number, number][]

    Recent epoch voting credit history for this voter

  • epochVoteAccount: boolean

    Whether the vote account is staked for this epoch

  • lastVote: number

    Most recent slot voted on by this vote account

  • nodePubkey: string

    Identity public key of the node voting with this account

  • votePubkey: string

    Public key of the vote account

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